All summer long, enjoy a cornucopia  of fruits and vegetables alongside local artisan beers, wines, and cheeses, as well as the ongoing harvest from the ocean.   Look for local blueberries, potatoes, apples, peaches, beets, squash, and all the greens you could ask for. Enjoy local farmers markets, among the oldest in the country, and don't forget the flowers!  Phil and Karen Clark at Endless Summer Flower Farm in Camden have an array of dahlias (late summer and autumn) that will make your head spin.  Tour the gardens, take home a bouquet, and talk to the experts.
   Below are a few of the many local venues to choose from (including easy picking from a plentiful crop of red raspberries in early to mid-July at River Watch):

   Love rhubarb? Two minutes from River Watch, driving north (toward the mainland) on  Route 131, stop at the Humble (make that "humble") Farmer's outdoor table to find generous bunches of fresh rhubarb all summer long.

    Beth's Farm  Market in Warren, off Route 1 south, about half an hour from River Watch sells gorgeous homegrown (and heirloom) fruits and vegetables, fresh baked goods, flowers, plants, pickles, all summer, and in autumn, apples, cider, squash, corn, and more.

  School House Farm (207-273-2440) Route 1, Warren, about 3 miles south of Thomaston, offers a cornucopia of seasonable vegetables, fruits, honeys, jams, baked goods... and pick-your-own apples mid-September through October.

   Looking for local, organic meat, poultry, and dairy? Homemade soups, sandwiches, and pies; flowers for the table, and local artisnal cheese and honey? Get to know the local farming community - where your food is coming from, visit the Camden Farmers' Market Wednesdays 3:30 to 6 pm or Saturdays 9 am to 1:00. 
Enjoy Maine-fresh fruits, vegetables, organic produce, artisnal cheeses, beer, and wine within easy reach of River Watch, a mid-coast Maine weekly rental with all the amenities
School House Farm 
The local grape

   We all know a good glass of wine adds perfection to any meal,  sunset, or occasion. 
   For advice, variety, and sheer pleasure, stop in at The Wine Seller in Rockland, a friendly grape-centric gallery of great picks from the local to the far flung.
    Turns out the Maine Wine Trail features several local stops including the nearby Owls Head Breakwater Vimeyards,  the Cellardoor Winery and Vineyard in Lincolnville, and Sweetgrass Winery in Union.

Maine Artisan Beers
   There are a host of outstanding local brews and brew pubs to explore, taste, and partake
Port Clyde General Store
Kathryn Liebowitz 978-512-1204
or Joe Ofria 978-512-9060